finediningThis group will resume in the near future.

Like to cook? Try new recipes? Makes new friends?

This interest group is for people who like cooking gourmet dishes and sharing them with others at dinner parties! We host these dinner parties four times a year at each other’s homes. Members are divided into groups of eight to ten people and meet in one member’s home with everyone sharing in the preparation and cost of the meal. At each dinner the hosting member plans the menu and distributes it to the others. Everyone hosts once a year and attends three more dinner parties. One may join as a couple, a group of two “cooking partners” or an individual. There is real camaraderie in this group as the diners chat about the dish they brought, the theme of the dinner, travel, restaurants, movies and current events. Each year we have an opening cocktail party to kick off our season and we have an end-of-year party that includes the entire group.

New Members are Welcome!

HOW TO JOIN: Members typically sign up in August and September by attending the University Women’s Club Fall Luncheon or the University Club’s Welcome Reception. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Fine Dining Cooking Club for the coming season, or as an alternate for this year, please call or email either:


Rosemary Harvey (812) 287-7911

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