The Women’s Faculty and Staff Club and the Men’s Faculty Club decided in March of 2009 to merge into one group. The newly merged consituent club decided to name its self the Luncheon Club. They presented a new set of by-laws at the Anuual Meeting.

Luncheon Club Board
Carolyn Anderson 334-1716
Tim Long 336-2637

The merged group will work with the University Women’s Club to collaborate on the Luncheon/Speaker series and plan other actvities that they think will be appealing to club members, the campus community and beyond.

Constitution and Bylaws – 2009

Past Presidents of The Men’s Faculty Club
and The Women’s Faculty and Staff Club

Men’s Faculty Club – Past Presidents 1912 -2009
Women’s Faculty and Staff Club – Past Presidents 1960 – 2009
Luncheon Club Past Presidents 2009 –