The University Club Board of Directors

University Club of Indiana University - University Club Board 2019 - 2020

The University Club is administered by a Board of Directors who have been artfully managing club activities since Herman B. Wells first guided the formation of the club we have today. Starting with a garden party held at the home of Mrs. C.H. Eigenmann in 1913, social and civic activities, interest groups, and stimulating intellectual events have always been on the agenda. The task set before the Board is to promote the social and intellectual interest of its members through lectures, gatherings, trips and special events that provide education, enhance communication, and foster networking. This enthusiastic and committed mix of volunteers are the heart and soul of this historic club. Members are invited to serve on this distinguished Board. If you are interested, please contact the President or Vice-President.

University Club Board of Directors 2021 – 2022

Co-President Cindy York (812) 333-4729
Vice President/President Elect Vicki Roberts (812) 325-3821
Secretary Pamela Sprong (812) 334-3965
Assistant Secretary Mary Swarthout (812) 332-4242
Treasurer Louray Cain (812) 339-9841
Community Chair Jean Person (812) 332-3388
Membership Chair
Publicity Chair Mike Goetz (260) 403-1755
Publicity Chair Arlene Goetz (260) 312-6541
Scholarship Chair Susan Platter (812) 320-0644
House Chair Kathleen Boggess (812) 334-3678
Academic Chair Pat Ryan (812) 824-9071
UWC President Erdine Simic (812) 322-8669
UWC 1st Vice Pres./ Pres. Elect Charlene Brown (812) 339-8634
Meadowood Liaison Shirley Colglazier (956) 357-9320
IMU Representative Hank Walter (812) 855-3562
UClub Manager
Past Co-President Steve Moberly (812) 339-8619
Past Co-President Sandy Moberly (812) 339-8619
At-Large Kate Kroll (812) 332-4018
At-Large Ingrid Toschlog (813) 455-9478

By-Laws adopted on April 2020

University Club Past Presidents