The University Women’s Club Board of Officers

UWC Board 2019-2020

The University Women’s Club, a vital part of the action around the University Club, began with a tea back in 1913 when a group of women gathered to plan a social organization of Indiana University faculty women, wives, and teachers. This first tea was held on May 22, 1913, at a garden party on the lawn of Mrs. C. H. Eigenmann. There were 76 members that first year who met on the second Thursday of every month during the academic year. The club still meets on the second Thursday of the month.

In 1959 President Herman B. Wells brought the University Women’s Club, the Men’s Faculty Club, and the Women’s Faculty and Staff Club into an umbrella organization called the University Club and provided rooms for the organization in the Indiana Memorial Union. The main entrance is just across the hall from the Whittenberger Auditorium on the first floor.

One of the oldest organizations on the Bloomington campus, the University Club is for all faculty, staff, alumni, and interested community members. Members share a common bond: Indiana University. Friendships formed at the club help foster connections across departmental lines; our social, cultural, and recreational activities add to the texture of university and Bloomington community life.

Today’s University Women’s Club includes monthly speaker luncheons plus more than a dozen special interest groups such as bridge, antiques, fine dining, book discussion, and hiking. The groups meet monthly.

The former Men’s Faculty Club and the Women’s Faculty and Staff Club now meet together in a group called the Luncheon Group. All members of the University Club are welcome to attend events of every group.

University Women’s Club Board of Officers 2021 – 2022

President Erdine Simic (812) 336-0811
1st Vice Pres. / Pres. Elect Charlene Brown (812) 339-8634
2nd Vice President Barb Aspy (812) 350-4511
2nd Vice President Anita Douglas (812) 339-9228
Recording Secretary Mary Wood (812) 988-4425
Social Chairs Linda Burton (812) 369-4611
  Marilyn Minor (812) 339-4699
House Chair Marge Sutton (812) 336-8672
Past President Cindy York (812) 333-4729

Constitution and Bylaws adopted on April 2020
University Women’s Club Past Presidents
UWC History

UWC Past Presidents 2015

Standing (L to R): Shady McDonald, Harriet Pfister, Kate Kroll, Marion Michaels, Sharon Rout, Carol Pierce, Cyndi Nelson, Marilyn Minor, Marilyn Uselding, Kathleen Boggess
Sitting: Pam Walters, Virginia Woodward, Ruth DiSilvestro, Pat Chase, Pat Mulholland, Donna Smith, Betty Yoder