Very Interesting Interest Groups

Interest Groups - Very Interesting Interest GroupsBelow you will find the list of University Women’s Club Interest Groups which offer everything from Antiques to Yoga. Perhaps Hiking, Gourmet Cooking, or International Friendship sparks your interest? What about Book Discussions, Bridge or the Nation’s oldest and most popular program of citizen education in world affairs: Great Decisions! That’s just a few of the Interest Groups available.
Oh, and… if you are passionate about something that is not currently offered, feel free to start your own Interest Group! You can do this by contacting Interest Group Chair.

Members of the University Club are welcome to join as many Interest Groups as they wish! Generally speaking, the Interest Groups begin in the fall each year and run through the spring, with a few operating year ‘round. University Club Members may sign up at the Annual Welcome Reception in September or at the Fall Luncheon hosted by the Women’s Club. You may also sign up by directly contacting the chairperson of any particular group.

Current Interest Group Members please note: If you have signed up for an Interest Group but not yet joined the UClub, please contact us at (812) 855-1325 or via email at: for membership information.


Interest Group – Links and Contact Information

Click on the Interest Group name to find detailed information about that group!
Interest Group Chair Barb Aspy (812) 350-4511
  Anita Douglas (812) 339-9228
Active Walking Group Mytri Acharya (814) 308-2875
  Arlene Goetz (260) 312-6541
  Michael Goetz (260) 403-1755
Armchair Travel Ron Kovener (812) 337-8920
Antiques Linda Burton (812) 369-4611
  Linda Gregory (812) 336-5451
Book Circulating Judith Granbois (812) 332-5781
  Linda Heath (812) 361-0455
Book Discussion Mary Anheuser (812) 857-7473
Bridge – Party Judy Granbois (812) 332-5781
Bunco Linda Burton (812) 369-4611
Cinema Cindy York (812) 333-4729
Dining Out New Chair Needed!
Euchre Cindy York (812) 333-4729
  Susan Platter (812) 332-3792
Evening Bunco Marge Sutton (812) 336-8672
Fine Dining Cooking Club Rosemary Harvey (812) 287-7911
Great Decisions Kate Kroll (812) 333-4018
  Jean Cook (812) 332-2439
  Deb Hutton (812) 322-2970
Hiking Anna Radue (812) 929-9437
  Roger Radue (812) 929-9437
Hoosier Hysteria Cindy York (812) 333-4729
International Friendship Kate Kroll (812) 332-4018
  Martha Smiley (812) 339-6822
  Louray Cain (812) 339-9841
  Karen Mikesell (812) 336-2000
  Mary DePew (812) 876-8472
Lunchettes Jan Greenwood (630) 272-0107
Mah Jongg Kathleen Boggess (812) 361-7332
Yoga Marilyn Uselding (812) 369-4313
  Linda Pickle (812) 369-4430
  Mytri Acharya