university club - indiana university yoga clubYou need not feel intimidated by yoga! If you are interested in improving balance, breathing, flexibility, and relaxation, this is the group for you. No previous knowledge of yoga is necessary. Everyone works at their own level. Our group currently meets each Tuesday from 10:00 a.m.- 11:00 a.m. at Lower Cascades Park. We advise bringing an old shower curtain or similar barrier to use between your mat and the damp grass as we may encounter moisture from dew or an overnight shower. On occasion we move inside the shelter to use the picnic benches for a chair yoga session.

Wear comfortable clothes to permit easy movement; bring a yoga mat and a stretchy band or belt. Our instructors strive to leave you feeling stretched, relaxed and in a better place than when you came through the door. You may join us 3 times before membership in the University Club is required for participation.

Co-Chairs and Instructors:
Marilyn Uselding (812) 369-4313
Linda Pickle (812) 369-4430
Mytri Acharya


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